How different can one chandelier be from the next…..?

As promised……A lot just take a look at Canopy Designs ideas!

Who is Canopy Designs Ltd you ask? Well they just walked away from the New York International Gift Fair with the “Best of the Best” award for most Innovative Product Design.  Why? Because they go out the comfort zone of a traditional fixture and make it into a WOW, look…..

 Canopy Bell Jar with Birds            Canopy botanical bell jarsmall

Imagine these in a ladies dressing room – You know the type you dream of with a center island and a dress table you sit at for hours getting ready for a glamorous evening out.

 Canopy Redondo         Canopy Swirl

Or that fantasy little girl’s room – creating an enchanted forest with hidden fairies and princesses.

Canopy mossy drum small     Canopy Enchanted

I just can’t skip showing you these too.

 Canopy Streamer

Comes in a color you will love.  A true statement piece!

 Canopy Brighton Pavilion   Canopy La Belle

Great colors and a little glimmer – nothing better to spark a room up.

What drew the eyes of the judges…..?

 Canopy Designs

Winter 2013 NYIGF “Best of the Best” Awards – Innovative Product Design went to Canopy Design -from left to right, Maggie Cohen, Carolyn Tierney, Michele Taylor, Arlene Angard, Benjamin Huntington, Jacqueline Hosford, Pedro Lima, Diane Susoev, Winners Patricia Belfanti, Merrie Shinder, Jo Longobardo

Congrats – Well deserved!

Happy Designing,

Carolyn Tierney

PS read our announcement of all winners for this seasons Best of the Best Awards

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