Don’t think you can have an eco-friendly home and still be stylish? We believe they go hand in hand. From the methods and materials used in building your home to the furnishing we bring into your home we are conscious of the style and the “healthy home” elements.


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While I love the idea of a tree in your living room do I have to live this way?!?


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I can appreciate the intent of this chair and the design and technology that went into the design – but is it comfortable?

My clients want this…


Eco-Friendly Interior Design by Carolyn Tierney

Eco-friendly interior design by ECOterior Solutions

What is sustainable and eco-friendly about this room:

• Stonewas sourced at nearby properties
• The rustic beams were taken from a barn on the property which was to be removed
• Windows have high efficiency properties to minimize heat loss and gain
• Locally sourced and produced furniture
• Antiques and reuse of decorative items and rugs

Is there more that could have been done – Yes! But a good start and you always need to start somewhere.

What Does “ECOterior Solutions” mean?

ECOterior Solutions is a design studio that creates homes for our clients that are beautiful, stylish and also have a valuable healthy backbone to them.

Why are you “ECO”?

As a designer over the years I have seen a lot of showrooms, warehouses, factories do one thing – crank out product. I always found myself apologizing to the finishers at my cabinetmakers when I smelled what they had to breathe every day at work or my painters on job site and the list goes on. It was just the way for many years. I began to wonder if this is what it takes to make my projects come to life what was also left once I finished and my client moved in. It can’t be any healthier. As the “green” philosophy emerged I thought maybe there were different methods and materials I could use in my work. The building industry was hearing buzz word such as Energy Efficiency, Tight House Envelope, Improved Air Quality and Day Lighting. So the roots were there for our studio to make an impact as designers.

How have you participated in “green” or healthy design?

Not all clients are interested in all aspects of green design as they may not be aware or knowledgeable but some come to us with distinct problems they need resolved.

Here are a list of client needs and interests we have worked with:

• Air Quality for Allergy sufferers
• Energy Efficiency
• Water Efficiency
• Healthy Home Practices – no bad chemicals which make us sick.
• Chemical Sensitivities
• Earth Conservation

Keeping these elements in mind we design our project in the style and luxury our clients are seeking. Our job is to have the knowledge, training and know how internally to use materials and building methods that solve the inherent ECOlogical and Sustainable dilemmas that occur. Our knowledge, training, and accreditations provide the solid foundation for each of our clients’ needs and desires.

Benefits of Homes being built “ECO” friendly and Sustainable?

Environmental benefits

• Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems
• Improve air and water quality
• Reduce waste streams
• Conserve and restore natural resources

Economic benefits

• Reduce operating costs
• Create, expand, and shape markets for green product and services
• Improve occupant productivity
• Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Social benefits

• Enhance occupant comfort and health
• Heighten aesthetic qualities
• Minimize strain on local infrastructure
• Improve overall quality of life

Information from the US Environmental Protection Agency Website

Read about Carolyn Tierney’s struggle and journey to become ECOfriendly and Sustainable while creating beautiful homes.

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