The Way We Work



The complexity of each interior design and decoration project varies and through our experience we have developed an internal format which is followed to organize and see our projects through completion.  We custom tailor our pricing plan to each project.


For smaller projects, and consultations, we bill based on hourly rates.

Value-Based Fee

For larger projects, we realize the anxiety an open-ended hourly rate can cause, so based upon our years of experience, we’ll calculate a value-based flat fee for our time to design and implement your project.  Our Value-Based-Fee is determined by examining the following items:


​Project Evaluation


Creative Process for Design Development


Client Meetings and Presentations


Jobsite Visits to design concept and execute project


Vendor Interaction to obtain pricing


Interaction with Tradesmen and Services


Project Management & Administration of Design Work

​All Product and Services purchased through our office will be billed at Designer Cost plus Project Management Fee.  Our Project Management Fee covers but not limited to our time spent processing the order, tracking the order, organizing and tracking the shipping, scheduling of services and deliveries, internal project racking and organization.  Once a design element enter Project Management Phase no hourly fee will be applicable.

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