Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How have you participated in “green” or healthy design?

Not all clients are interested in all aspects of green design as they may not be aware or knowledgeable but some come to us with distinct problems they need resolved. Here are a list of client needs and interests we have worked with:

  • Air Quality for Allergy sufferers
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Healthy Home Practices – no bad chemicals which make us sick.
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Earth Conservation

Keeping these elements in mind we design our project in the style and luxury our clients are seeking. Our job is to have the knowledge, training and know how internally to use materials and building methods that solve the inherent ECOlogical and Sustainable dilemmas that occur. Our knowledge, training, and accreditation provide the solid foundation for each of our clients’ needs and desires.

Q?Why are you “ECO”?
As a designer over the years I have seen a lot of showrooms, warehouses, factories do one thing – crank out product.  I always found myself apologizing to the finishers at my cabinetmakers when I smelled  what they had to breathe every day at work or my painters on jobsite and the list goes on.  It was just the way for many years.  I began to wonder if this is what it takes to make my projects come to life what was also left once I finished and my client moved in.  It can’t be any healthier. As the “green” philosophy emerged I thought maybe there were different methods and materials I could  use in my work.  The building industry was hearing buzz word such as Energy Efficiency, Tight House Envelope, Improved Air Quality and Day Lighting.  So the roots were there for our studio to make an impact as designers.
Q?A lot of people ask us what is “ECOterior Solutions” mean?

ECOterior Solutions is a design studio that creates homes for our clients that are beautiful, stylish and also have a valuable healthy backbone to them.

Q?What is the value of hiring an interior designer?

In one word EXPERIENCE.

A professional designer should bring to the table years of experience, knowledge and solutions!

Many times our clients come to us with no idea of where to start or worse attempted to design their home themselves and have made costly mistakes.

Time is precious and most of our clients are very busy.  To help with this we complete a thorough conversation at the beginning of the project to setting up project expectations, needs and dreams.  Our designer team refers to this frequently during the design process and duration of the project to keep us on track without wasting time re-asking questions or worse having to re-design because we didn’t ask.   ECOterior Solutions will also handle the project from the design phase thru implementation – no need to micro manage the project, we do – no need to schedule tradesmen and deliveries, we do – no need to meet appointment all day long, we do.

At ECOterior Solutions we pride ourselves in our Rolodex.  We have tradesmen and sources we have worked with for years.  We also source out new and upcoming manufactures and we do the leg work on vetting out before ordering.

Our clients receive peace of mind when working with us.

Q?Do you help me figure out my budget?


Our first task when we start the design process is to develop an extensive spreadsheet of all the elements and services your project will require.  We then review this with you.  Upon starting the “budget” talk we use this developed project scope, we discuss your expectations, needs, timing and quality of services and products in further detail.  The money you are spending on your home is an investment and we value that.  Our aim is you understand what the end results will be throughout our design and implementation.

A lot of times our clients come to us with a number rattling around their head but it’s generally based on nothing and they hesitate to even say, and some have an exact budget, and some just feel they don’t have the knowledge to determine a budget.  We understand!   Use our experience as designers to develop your budget you are comfortable with.  We will be open and upfront with you. Our experience allows us to give you reasonable budgets both on construction costs and decorative items.

TIP: A method of figuring a budget for full home design in NYC is to plan around 18% of the value of your home. Because of the price of real estate in NYC this is lower than what you may read in articles, increase this budget to 25-40% if you’re outside of the city, or have a larger place with loads of work required.